Thursday, 24 May 2007

Disney ATC's

A few weeks ago I signed up for a Disney ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap on UKS. I'd never made any ATC's before, but I love all things Disney and after all how can it be to make a tiny card? Well, as time went on I got into a real panic - I just couldn't get started on them. So today I went to visit Gallifrey and she showed me just what to do. End result, I have this lovely Parade ATC she made, she has Mickey ATC I made and I have 10 ATC's ready to send off tomorrow. So thank you Gallifrey - love ya.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Let me hear you scream

Yesterday was A's 40th birthday - and his birthday treat was a trip to Alton Towers (without the children!). We had a fantastic time, and together rode Air, Nemesis, Rita Queen of Speed, Corkscrew and Oblivion. A also had a go on Submission and Ripsaw (where he got soaked!) Lunch was rather delicious BBQ chicken and ribs at Rita's Bar and Grill.
Later on we collected the children and went to meet up with A's brother, SIL and their girls at a new playground on Otterspool Prom. The children had a good play, then we shared out A's birthday cake. We finished off with our favourite take out from the Gulshan. A pretty perfect day.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Family Wedding

This weekend we were all in Wales for my cousin, E's wedding - a real international affair. Originally from Wales, where her mum, dad and brother still live on the family farm, E has been in New Zealand for the last 5 years, and yesterday married M, a natualised Kiwi whose family are from Switzerland.

The wedding service included a Welsh male voice choir and a brass quartet from Switzerland. Some of the guest were German speaking Swiss, for many of the guests Welsh is their first language and the Best Man even gave a welcome in Mauri.

It's always lovely to meet up with family, and it was fantastic to see E's twin sister B (who also married a Kiwi and lives in NZ) and her 2 little girls S and C.

After days of rain and winds, the weather was beautiful, and despite several last minute hitches (icluding the brides mum spending 3 days in hospital this week) eveything went off brilliantly.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Two Wheels

At the grand old age of very nearly 9 years, M has learned to ride her bike without stabilisers. She could pedal a trike when she was only 1, and was riding a 2 wheeler with stabilsers at 2, but taking the stabilisers off has been a long long processes. The problem was she would get paniced, then she would wobble, and then fall off....
It was Gma and Gpa who cracked it in the end - taking her up to a quiet stretch of old road where she had room to wobble all over the place, and raising the stabilisers progressively so she used them less and less. Today they came off all together - and she's cracked it.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Smiling and giggling

I have a little boy in my class, C. When he came to me in September I was told he was very quiet - and so he turned out to be. He never talked to adults, unless to answer a direct question, and he seldom talked to the other children. He seemed so sad, he often cried for no reason. I was terribly worried about him.

But in the last few weeks, what a change! He is chatting away and he is smiling all the time. Yesterday he was sat at a table working with a partner, and they were both giggling, I went over and they shared the joke (one of those that only 5 year olds find funny - but I laughed anyway).

Moments like that - I love teaching.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Losing Jesus? - a mother's tale

Tonight I took part in our evening anniversay service. It combined drama and music and has been a bit of a slog to put together, but the end result was well worth it. Members of the church wrote all the drama at a workshop back in March, and we combined this with a mix of music, both spiritual and popular, (highlights included the carol 'Gaudete!' and show song 'Tell me it's not true')

The service explored Mary's relationship with Jesus, her fears that she is losing her son and her final realisation that she will be with him forever - just as we can when we accept his love into our lives. I hope that this service touched people and helped them to consider anew their relationship with Christ.

Anniversary Dress

Today it is the Church Anniversary at FMC. This morning's service was lovely. B sang the 'Wiggly Waggly Worm' song with the other diddy dots. M sang with the older Shell Group children - they performed the musical 'The Rainboat' which told the story of Noah. Both of them did really well - M knew every single word and smiled the whole way through, B sang nicely and behaved himself for the whole service.

I love Anniversary Sunday (despite all the hard work involved). I have such wonderful childhood memories of performing in Anniversary services. As a child, the day was made extra special because it was I always had a new dress to wear, so I always get M a special 'Anniversary Dress' - as well as a new shirt for B.

Friday, 11 May 2007


Photos I took last week of M and B - I'm delighted how they have turned out

No more tears

Had a meeting at B's school today with the educational pyschologist and the Senco.
Made a bit of progress, the EP will do an classroom observation of B and then do some work with him on 11th June, and he will feedback to me the same afternoon. I've also had a copy of B's new IEP which seems ok in the most part.
I was really concerned about this meeting, I usually end up getting upset and having a good cry, and I really wanted to hold it together. And I'm pleased to say that there were no tears from me today.

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Day off today - so went to visit Gal who is laid up with a very poorly foot. Had lunch and spent the time as usual talking about scrapping, dr who and politics (watching Tony Blair's resignation speech). She gave me the MOST BEAUTIFUL handmade book for which I can't thank her enough. I am pretty rubbish talking about feelings most of the time - but I have to say Gal's friendship means so much to me, and the time we spend together is really important to me. So thank you for the book Gal - it is very special - and thank you for being my friend.

First Post

After many long years of lurking on other peoples blogs I've decided that perhaps I should have a go. Though probably I should have waited until I wasn't so busy! Will play around with the templates and profiles later.