Sunday, 31 May 2015

A walk at Burton Mere

The tail end of half term was basically pretty much ruined by school work -

Megs was out and about with friends
Ben spent several days festering on the sofa
And I was buried in folders....

so come Saturday - when I had to pick up some logs for the Nursery Garden - 
we bounced Benjamin into a lovely walk at Burton Moss - 
the RSPB reserve on the Dee.

It's a new reserve - with a great mix of habitats and wildlife -
Al did his photography thing -
 I just enjoyed being outside in the sun - 
And Ben {in full ASD kit} moaned.

But at least he was there!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Planes, Trains and Throwing Stones {May Bank Holiday Weekend}

The weather forecast was uninspiring -
but it turned out to be rather sunny for most of the weekend.
We drove out on Friday night -
Saturday was the Llandudno Airshow
{really quite chill - sitting on the beach watching the Red Arrows display}
though Megs preferred to spend the afternoon reading in Waterstones café
{on the way back to the caravan we saw the steam train departing.}

Sunday we saw Tomorrowland at the Cineworld at the Junction -
then spent the rest of the afternoon strolling at the RSPB Reserve.

Monday was another quiet day in Llandudno -
café, chips on the beach, ice creams -
just the usual before we headed home in the evening.

Nothing big - nothing hectic -
just what we needed.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Happy Birthday Al

OK - so it's no fun having to work on your birthday - 
but at least Al got his choice of tea - Toby Carvery!


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Oxford Earth Science Dinner

When old geology classmates Anna and Hugh suggested a meet up of the 1989 Earth Science group  to "celebrate" 25 years since our first field trip I made an excuse.
It would be in the middle of Megs AS levels - and the Sunday was the FMC Anniversary.
No - I wouldn't be attending.

Then Lee announced on Facebook that she had booked her flights from Australia - 
and my excuses were rather pathetic.

So it came to pass that we left Megs at home revising 
{and sleeping over night at Gma's}
while Al, Ben and myself went to Oxford.

When I was organizing the weekend I contacted my lovely old friend Clare -
hoping that we would be able to meet up after far too long.
When Clare texted me a couple of days before the weekend I was delighted -
and so we spent a Saturday afternoon in the University Parks - 
walking in the sun
watching the punting
{and the quidditch!}
eating ice creams
 and of course chatting with friends.

We've made plans to meet up again this summer - 
I'm never leaving it this long again.

And then there was the dinner - 
a typically Oxford affair at St Cross College.

 The last time I saw most of these people was in July 1992 when we sat finals -
or perhaps on the afternoon when we got our results -

{I remember walking down the High to the exam schools with Al and Cath to look at the boards - and then sitting outside the Kings Arms - and being told off for being too loud by students who were still studying across the road in the Bodleian} 

so it was an interesting and slightly odd evening
with lots of catching up and reminiscing.

There are photographs -
but I missed the pre-dinner drinks {parking issues on St GIles}
I left at midnight {the group shots were done quite some time after that}
and the best shot of me during dinner is of the back of my head!

BUT - there is a picture of me and Bob Spicer - 
and anyone who has heard my 
"there was no grass in the Jurassic - so why is there grass in this dinosaur movie" rant
knows that his palaeobotany lectures must have made an impact with me!

And finally - the 1992 Finalists -

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Happy Birthday Jude! {King Lear at the Lowry}

Originally this was a theatre trip for me, Al and Megs -
but she dumped us in favour of a book signing with Carrie Hope Fletcher
at Manchester Central Library

so we turned the day into a birthday trip for Judianne.

The Northern Broadsides production of King Lear was paired back and beautifully clear -
I've never understood the relationships so well.
Barrie Rutter as Lear - just so very human.
Loved it {though not the cripplingly uncomfortable high seats in the Quays gallery}

Afterwards we ate at Bella Italia -
then walked over to the Blue Peter garden at Media City for a spot of nostalgia.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Early May Bank Holiday - 2015

Sunday and Monday at the caravan

Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Masquerade Ball (with added Strictly)

Jude invited us to the Rotary Masquerade Ball -
{ and while my 14 year old self was aghast at the thought-
we couldn't pass up seeing our favourite Strictly Come Dancing Pro Kevin Clifton }
It was a beautiful evening at the stadium - with lots of friends from church also in attendance


After a somewhat dramatic fainting incident by Megan
{it's been years since she did that - lesson about drinking enough water}
we sat in the reception area when Kevin and his lovely sister Joanne
 emerged from the green room.

They spoke kindly to Megs - who had recovered enough to watch them dance.

Of course - Kevin and Joanne don't usually dance together -
but Kevin's partner and fiance Karen was stuck out of the country with a visa issue.
Karen is an amazing dancer - and it was a shame we couldn't see her -
but we fell in love with Joanne last year on SCD -
and she was just  lovely in person.

And Kevin? Just as adorably geeky in real lie as on TV.

The dancing was definitely

Blogger doesn't want to accept my HTML for embedding the little bits of video I took -