Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Planes, Trains and Throwing Stones {May Bank Holiday Weekend}

The weather forecast was uninspiring -
but it turned out to be rather sunny for most of the weekend.
We drove out on Friday night -
Saturday was the Llandudno Airshow
{really quite chill - sitting on the beach watching the Red Arrows display}
though Megs preferred to spend the afternoon reading in Waterstones café
{on the way back to the caravan we saw the steam train departing.}

Sunday we saw Tomorrowland at the Cineworld at the Junction -
then spent the rest of the afternoon strolling at the RSPB Reserve.

Monday was another quiet day in Llandudno -
café, chips on the beach, ice creams -
just the usual before we headed home in the evening.

Nothing big - nothing hectic -
just what we needed.

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