Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Our feline friend

No name tag - so we are just calling him Puss- the farm cat keeps calling round on the look out for treats - yesterday he even got into our bedroom!

Monday, 30 May 2011

The perfect place to sit...

Miss M and Mr B enjoying climbing the trees in the Smithy Cottage garden

Going underground...

@ White Scar Caves

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Waiting for Blue Lily

We went to a very very windy Lytham St Annes to meet Wendy and Tyler from Blue Lily photography - they took lots of pictures - not sure how they will work out with all the wind blown hair!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

@ Smithy Cottage

Our home for the next week

Sunday, 22 May 2011

15 miles later...

....and a night camping in the rain .... feet hurt... soooooo tired....camp was fun.... we made a dangerous rope swing...only got lost 3 times .... there was a really steep hill ...we were chased by a pig!

Can I go home now?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Macbeth @ The Everyman

My Misters birthday outing - to see Macbeth with David Morrisey at the Everyman in Liverpool.

A bit of a mixed bag, though generally good.

 The set was wonderful (though they did have a ladder set into a wall - I am getting rather fed up of this devise - see Hamlet @ the Crucible and David Copperfield @ the Octagon)

The witches were suitably bizarre - David Morrisey had great presence, and his verse was good enough. There was some fabulous support - notably the Duncan/Gatekeeper/Doctor with remarkably long arms!

There werre plenty of memerable moments- the killing of the Macduffs will never be forgotten - but a lack of passion at the end was a bit dissapointing.

But overall, well worth the seeing - and a suitable farewell to the Everyman - next time we are at the theatre on Hope Street, it will be very different

The witches


Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

The gatekeeper


Out damned spot!

One birthday boy....

.... and his son - with their lego project :)

Miss M heads off...

....on a trek with the FMC scouts

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mr B's Judo Trophy

Mr B won player of the week at Judo - He's been going for nearly a year now - and he's so proud of himself

Liverpool Cathedral

My dear friend J had a birthday  - I didn't know what to buy her - so I said I would take her out and buy her lunch - wherever she wanted - and she asked to do the tour of

I really love this cathedral - I have so many great memories.

When I was little, and a member of the Girls Brigade, we went there every year for parades services - I remember going one year and my mother telling me that the cathedral had finally been finished after 76 years of building.

I remember big services there for special events - the 250th anniversay of Aldersgates Sunday where they opened the great west doors and we all walked out into the evening sunshine after the service.

My Mister A had his degree graduation there (twice!), my BiL and SiL were married there, my nieces Little Miss M and Little Miss C were Christened there (though what I mostly remember from that day is chasing a non verbal, nearly 2 year old Mr B all over the great space - in very high heels). 
When I doing my teacher training at Liverpool University and I was really missing the inspiration of Oxford   - I would go to the cathedral, and sit looking down into the Lady Chapel and pray.
It was just lovely to spend a couple of hours rediscovering the building and finding out new facts and details.

It was a VERY windy day - but even so we braved the trip to the top of the tower!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Sunday Evening - Church Aniversary 2011

At the evening service the choir performed the latest Roger Jones Musical "Two Sisiters and a Funeral"   - the story of Martha, Mary and Lazarus and their realtaionship with Jesus.

I sang in the choir - as did My Mister A - who also sang the part of one of the priests.....

.... while Miss M was one of the dancers.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sunday Morning - Church Anniversay 2011

Everyone dressed up for the 162nd Anniversary at FMC.

Miss M found this dress last week and fell in love with it...
... I saw Mr B's shirt shortly afterwarrds and decided that it was an excellent match and a must have.

The children performed in the morning service - singing songs from "Sunday's Cool - Hosanna!"

3 friends are now looking very grown up indeed!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bank Holiday @ the Caravan - Monday

Before we packed up and headed home - a trip up the Orme for a go on the tobogans!

Bank Holiday @ the Caravan - Sunday

Cousin Miss E came to visit us {along with her mum and gran - but they're not so important :) }

... as always they were a "bit" late - Miss M waited impatiently at the gate for them...

Miss M and Miss E spent a long time lying out in the sun talking - must be a teenager thing - but there was also a water fight involved there somewhere!
In the evening we went to Tal-y-Bont for wild fun on the ancient playground :)

Bank Holiday @ the Caravan - Saturday

A lovely, sunny day... in the morning we went to Llandudno for a go on the fair...

... and some time on the beach - Miss M and Mr B both went for a paddle though the  sea was really COLD!

We watched the parade of steam engines - Mr B loved the whistles and sirens

- and then had fish and chips sat in the sun.
In the afternoon we went the RSPB reserve in Conwy

...where Mr B found a VERY tall reed

We finished the day back on the beach - West Shore this time as the sun headed towards the horizon.

Bank Holiday @ the Caravan - Friday

Another long weekend - 2 more Bank Holidays - so first thing Friday we headed out to the caravan.

Once there Miss M and I obviously watched the Royal Wedding on TV
(though Miss M was feeling pretty horrible following her final HPV innoculation and ended up in bed for the afternoon)

My Mister and Mr B were NOT AT ALL INTERESTED in wedding and spent the time playing with the flying saucer and building a lego motorbike!

By the evening Miss M was feeling MUCH BETTER - so it was off out to the playground at Trinity Ave for a play.