Saturday, 28 March 2015

Drawing breath at the end of March

With a week to go until Easter  -
 I finally feel like I will actually get everything done by the end of term.
The clocks go forward today - spring is here
{even though some days the car is still frozen in the mornings}
and I think I need to get this blog up to date!
We've had World Book Day and Comic Relief Days at school
Megan has been spending Tuesday evenings in Manchester
as part of the Pembroke North Programme {next month she has a weekend in London}
Benjamin has been keeping up with his judo -
and he's had an excellent Annual Review - next job is transferring his statement to an EHCP.
I had a lovely Mother's Day - Church in the morning and tea out with the family later.

And then there was the small matter of a solar eclipse!
Well  - I was excited - evening if my Nursery full of children ignored it!
Next month - Al starts working directly for GE after 15 years of Agency work -
Easter at the Caravan - Jonathan, Karen and Katharine visiting -
and it's the Summer Term!