Monday, 30 April 2012

Avengers Assemble!

When 2 children (and 2 parents) have waited this long for a movie ...

When you have watched Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America all building up the back story...

When a movies is this big...

There's nothing to do but go and see it at the IMAX screen in Liverpool One!

And yes, it was so very worth it - the best super hero movie ever made - looks amazing, lots of funny moments. Pretty much perfect!

Miss Megs and Mr Ben want to know when we can see it again!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Once more unto the breach dear friends

A fab afternoon with Al, Kathie and Ian - watching Henry V at the Liverpool Playhouse - followed by tea at Cafe Rouge.


Henry played by the rather fabulous and definitely gorgeous Jamie Parker - we saw him as Hal at the Globe in Henry IV Part One  - so it was fitting to see the conclusion of his story.

Friday, 27 April 2012

There have been workmen digging up our foot paths for 3  weeks now.
They dig a bit up, and then go and leave it for a few days.
Then they dig a bit more, and leave it.
Then they replace the kerb stone, and go away again.
 And then they might try to lay a bit of tarmac before wandering off yet again.

I'm sure it would have been better to just go for it.
 Dig up the whole street for a day, then finish it off in the next two or so.
This way it's going on and on.

Yesterday they dug right outside our house - Mr Ben is worried about it - he thinks we might get stuck inside (that's not going to happen!)

I wish they'd just get a move on and finish it all!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

St Georges Day Parade

The St Georges Day Parade was different this year. Since our district has become part of Mersey Weaver, there would be too many people for any of the Churches. So instead of meeting in the park and marching through the streets, the whole parade was at the rugby Stadium.

To be honest, I'm not really sure that a parade behind closed doors is really a parade. But on the plus side, in didn't rain, it wasn't too cold, and the sound system stadium worked well
(even if the singing was worse than ever!)

This is was the  Mr Ben's last St Georges Day as a Cub, next year he will be in Scouts

While Miss Megs is leaving Scouts in the summer for the Explorers


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Uncle Giant Arrives at St Georges Hall

Having seen Xolo and the Little Girl Giant, Miss Megs and I went up to St Georges Hall to wait for the Giant Uncle. The square was already crowded when we got there, but by waiting outside Limestreet Station and making a run for it when the road was closed, we managed to get a spot up against the barrier. As with the Little Girl Giant, we heard the music first, and then the shouts from the crowd at the far end of the square, before the breath taking sight of the 50 foot Giant appering from behind the Empire Theatre.

The Uncle came right down the road to where we were standing

It was amazing watching the Lilliputians controlling the Uncle Giant, two at a time, grabbing a rope and flying through the air to lift one of the heavy boots.

In the centre of the square, the Uncle Giant stopped,
and the Lilliputians gently sat him down on his container.

Once seated the Lilliputians climbed over the Uncle Giant to remove his helmet.


 Helmet off, he looked around, and settled to sleep.

We had to leave him sleeping, a family party calling, but the crowd was so huge,the people pressing in so much, that it took half an hour to make the 50 yards to the station entrance.
 And all the time, we could hear him snoring....

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Little Girl Giant Walks through the City

While Al and Mr Ben went to the cinema,
Miss Megs and I tracked down the Little Girl Giant again.
She'd left her boat and rain coat behind, and was sitting at the end of James Street,
letting children swing on her arm.

Then she started walking, heading down towards the river again.


We followed her until the crowd got to dense,
 then ran through the back streets to get back to the Strand.

The Little Girl puased here to do her excercises,
before heading into the huge mass of people at the Pier Head.

The Little Girl Giant sails down The Strand

No sooner had  Xolo wandered off, than the Little Giant Girl arrived, riding on her boat.

She was just as beautiful as we expected.


We got rather soaked as she passed!

We followed behind the Little Girl Giant as she road towards Liverpool One, where she stoped and the Lilliputians put on  a show.

She sailed off towards the Pier Head,
as we retired to Cafe Rouge for a well deserved late breakfast!


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Giant Spectacular - Meeting Xolo

Our day with the Giant's started with an early mornng train ride to Liverpool. Once there we walked down to the river, and found a good spot on the barriers near the entrance to the Albert Dock. We could hear the music from the nearby King's Dock, letting us know that the Little Girl Giant and Xolo her dog had woken up. As the crowd grew, we could see the first of the puppets emerge from the Dock, and begin their trip along the Strand.

First to come along was Xolo, the Little Giant Girls Dog.
Benjamin was delighted that the first thing we saw Xolo do was wee all over the road!


He was even more excited when Xolo headed over towards us.


 He came right over to the barriers, for some of the children to pat him....

....before heading away....

.... giving us the chance to admire the inticate controls and the operators the "lilliputians."