Sunday, 31 October 2010

Half Term in Wales 2010

We managed 4 days at the caravan over half term... ... and visited the mountain zoo in Colwyn Bay...

.... for a brief sunny spell..
... and went to visit Auntie J and Uncle P @ Penllyn....

.... where we took Bonnie for a walk through the woods to Heather House and to Llyn Syberi...

... and where Uncle P provided quad bike rides...

.... Mr B and I took a walk up the Vardre....

... where the wind really got up!

A grand time was had by all!

Halloween 2010

Somehow this year I just wasn't organised for halloween. As of yesterday we had no costumes and no pumpkins.

Miss M saw this very cute hat in Monsoon with 70% off yesterday - so she was sorted!

Mr B found a mask and cape on offer for £1 at ASDA.

And this afternoon I finally found a shoip with pumpkins left - so I whizzed up a couple of carvings for this evening's traditional trip to Gma's house for bob apple and the monster drawing game (a variation on the old favourite of consequences!)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Autumn Colour

I saw these trees on my way to my mum's house - they are so beautiful I had to stop and photograph them :) Autumn makes me happy.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Mr B has been going to Judo since before the summer holidays and is doing really well.
He has his Judo uniform at last and tonight he won the "Best Effort" trophy.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Park Time

Afternoon trip to Victoria Park...
Miss M on her bike and Mr B on his scooter

where we played

and enjoyed the autumn sun
and met up with Miss E and her mum K

for even more fun

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The long path to a yes

A short interlude

Six years ago Mr B started nursery - and I already new there was something. I'd talked with his teacher before he started and she was reassuring.

But when the first IEP arrived I cried. Seeing the long list of areas of concern:- Attention, Listening Skills, Interaction, Speech and Language - made all my worries concrete.

That IEP is the first piece of paperwork in Mr B's file - I have copies of everything written about him since.

Assessments and Observations.

Interventions and Reports.

Speech and Language Therapists.

The Learning Support Service.

Occupational Therapists.

Community Paediatricians.

Nurse Specialists.

Educational Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists.

Specialist Teachers.

So much paperwork. The one IEP multiplied to two thick files. His difficulties described in every detail. Every one a tiny step towards getting the support he needs.

Two years ago he got funding for 5 hours 1:1. It wasn't enough, but it was another step on.

This year Statutory Assessments. More paperwork. More appointments. More reports.

The last two weeks: Phonecalls and disappointments. Anger at mistakes. Another observation. Another report.

And then a yes. A Statement of Needs and additional funding.

Once I thought this was the destination.

Now I know it is only another step on the path.

Legend of the Guardian

SAturady afternoon cinema trip - Miss M went to see Vampires Suck with two of her Jellybeanz friends - while Mr B was desperate to see this film with me and A. It turned out to be a rather magical and most enjoyable watch with wonderfully beautiful owls and a most fantastical setting.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Over the Rainbow.... beautiful, seen taking Mr B to school this morning.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hamlet @ the Crucible

Today we left Mr B and Miss M with Gma and Gpa and drove over the Pennines to Sheffield - all to see the lovely John Simm in Hamlet.

What we weren't expecting was for him to turn up at Ego while we were eating lunch! Jude papped him from our table across the restaurant!

And as for the play? It was my first time at the Crucible and I fell in love with the theatre - it's a great space with a thrust stage. The performance was good, not the best Hamlet I have ever seen (Mr Tennant and Mr Brannagh were both very special), but definately worth the effort.

Simm acted well enough, but his verse was rather stilted and lacked flow. He's great to watch though.

There were great turns from John Nettles as Claudius and Hugh Ross as Polonius, as well as Barbara Flynn as Gertrude.

The best moment was the ghost appearing from nowhere at the beginning - whic was a real breath catcher!

As well as a first trip to the Crucible, this was also my first proper trip to Sheffield (I've changed trains there before, but never ventured out of the station before). And Sheffield turns out to be very nice indeed - obviously there has been a lot of redevelopment work over the last few years - and I liked it a lot.

The Winter Gardens were a real surprise - like Kew Gardens in the middle of the city!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Giving Thanks

Bringing gifts for the Harvest Festival at FMC.

Mr B off to Forest Camp....

... just for the day!

Friday, 8 October 2010

The return of summer...

.... the weather is amazing - warm and sunny. Not at all like October.

After school I took Miss M and Mr B to Crow Wood park for a play.

It was glorious!