Monday, 28 March 2011

King Lear at Last

After last months disappointment we finally got to see the the Donmar's touring production of King Lear with Derek Jacobi...After the Llandudno performances were cancelled I desperately looked for tickets at another venue - the ONLY option was standing at the Lowry. Fortunately the fantastic design of the Quays Theatre meant that we had great sight lines (and a handy wall to lean on!)

And goodness- was it worth the 3 hours stand! I have seen more exciting performances. I have seen cleverer staging, more intricate lighting and sound - but NEVER have I been so captivated by such wonderful verse!Stripped down, in a bare wooden set, with virtually no props - the story has never been so clear, or so captivating.

While the whole cast were wonderful (Gina McKee as Goneril, Ron Cook as the fool and an old favourite Alec Newman as Edmund) - there is simply nothing to beat Derek Jacobi as the King.

It was just wonderful - spellbinding - and I am so glad that we finally got to see it!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

New Hair

Short hair for the spring :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday @ Spike Island

Mr B played on the low ropes and the play ground

Friday, 18 March 2011

Funny for the Money 2011

Ready for Comic Relief - Red Nose Day
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Thursday afternoon swimming...

... for Miss M and Mr B


Ok - so yes, I really would have preferred to have tickets to the to see Frankenstein at the NT - but only slightly less exciting than sitting in the Olivier , was the chance to see the live cinema broadcast at Cheshire Oaks

The production alternates the lead roles of Frankenstein and the creature - we got to see Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster, with Johnny Lee Miller as the scientist. According to most reviews, this wasn't the best way round, as Miller is a more sympathetic creature, and his Frankenstein is a a bit weak - however, I really really can't imagine anyone better than Cumberbatch.

The first 15 minutes, as the creature emerges and learns to crawl, walk, laugh - just mesmerizing.

The set and staging amazing - though there is some VERY ropey dialogue along the way :)

Danny Boyle is proves to be a genius theatre director ( Radcliffe people being prone to greatness :P ).

If I'd have been in the theatre, it would have been a standing ovation from me....

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Since half term....

..... work has taken over again - but last week Ofsted came for their termly visit - so now things will hopefully be a bit calmer in the run up to the Spring Break holiday.

BUT - despite the work, we have squeezed in some outtings - however they mostly didn't exactly go to plan!

First up - Romeo and Juliet at the Bolton Octagon.

A rather exciting first half, performed in the round by a young cast....

.... Miss M was enjoying it greatly....

.... and so we went off happily to get our interval drinks.....

THEN - a suspected gas leak!

We were all escorted into the street - coats still in the auditorium!

After a cold wait in Bolton town centre our coats were retrieved and we went home

The following Saturday we had tickets booked to see Derek Jacobi's Jing Lear at Venue Cymru - a lovely day out to Llandudno was planned....
BUT THEN - Jacobi's ill health meant the performance was cancelled!
(we have rebooked for the Lowry at the end of March - but instead of super centre stalls seats - we are having to stand!)
S0, instead..... A and I ended up having a trip to Maccelsfield so he could collect some papers for work - and then we had a very nice lunch at Fryers garden centre.

Our lucked changed for the third outing - The Levellers at the )2 Academy in Liverpool - a just FANTASTIC night of singing and dancing :)

Not my video - and more than a bit wobbly - but what a night!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Levelling the Land

A FIRST CLASS OLD STYLE night out for me, My Mister and dear friend Jude.

A major nostalga fest - The Levellers at the O2 Academy in Liverpool - (though Jude was more interested in the support act - her student fabvourites - The Wonderstuff.)

It was a bouncing -dancing -singing just FANTASTIC night - and I was delighted to learn that venues now have air con - so no drippping with sweat!

Not my video - and more than a bit wobbly - 
- but - OH- what a night!