Monday, 25 February 2008

The Water Horse

On Saturday A went round to his dad's to watch the rugby - so I took M and B to the cinema to see The Water Horse

Megan thought it was 'One of the best films ever' and B loved it for the second time. Meanwhile I wondered since when Loch Ness has been a sea lock, with the plot climax involving the cute monster escaping to the sea over a submarine net ( a Free Willie moment commented A)!

All the way through I was wondering why the scenery didn't look at all like the Great Glen (and yes - I was spotting the background rocks as usual) - and at the end all was revealed. It was filmed in New Zealand.... Ho hum - maybe Scotland isn't photogenic enough now?

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Clear and cold

Yes - the weather today was beautiful - very cold, but fabulous blue sky. So we dashed off to Martin Mere to make the most of it.

M with Evie the Water Vole and B with Ultra Squirrel (where does he get these names?)

Facinated by the ice on the ponds

Feeding the ducks

And while we were playing, A was busy in the hides taking fab pictures like this!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Pol's Films

At last! I've worked out how to upload to You Tube and embed the video into the blog - expect a lot more video from now on...

February Half Term

Half term seems to have gone by awfully quickly.
Good stuff includes :-
a great afternoon at the Otterspool playground when M befriended a little toddler and was completmented for being so kind and helpful
a fab afternoon cropping at FMC with J and K while M and B ran riot with Miss E
a girls night out seeing Sweeny Todd with J and K - great film (though I had my eyes closed plenty of times) - fantastic visual and score, though Johnny Depp was comprehensively outsung by the 15 year old playing Toby!
a day trip out to Wales to see J and P at Penllyn - pics below...

Feeding William the lamb

M named this cutie Snowflake

There's always time for a ride on the quad with Uncle P!

First daffodils of the year!

Saturday, 9 February 2008


Today I took M to see her very first Ballet - The Nutcracker at Liverpool Empire. We went with my MiL on the train ( a new experience for Mil - though not for M - LOL)- and M was just entranced by the performance.

For me the orchestra were somewhat weak in the strings and the corps were a bit so so at times - but the Principals were fantastic, especially Kristina Terentieva as both Marie - just fabulous

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Liver Birds

Ok, so not THESE Liver Birds - but a play based on the 70's sitcom. We went with J, R and a group of friends, to see it at the Brindley - and it was just hysterically funny.