Monday, 31 December 2007

An Ideal Husband

J and R joined us for our traditional New Years Eve theatre trip. We saw an Ideal Husband at the Royal exhange - very funny but also pretty intense in places. Earlier we ate a great meal at Cafe Rouge - but the evening was somewhat spoilt by J having her handbag stolen. She managed to cancel everything quickly - but it was still a miserable thing to happen.

Saturday, 29 December 2007


Had a super time bowling at LA bowl. M was delighted to get a strike.

Family Christmas

As always the time between Christmas and New Year was taken up with family visits (and yet more Christmas presents!)

On Boxing Day we had our second Christmas lunch with Nana and Grandad - before heading over to my mum's house to see Auntie K and Uncle J. B was delighted to get another Mega Zord - and M spent the evening zapping everyone and everything with her new sonic lipstick. The Dr Who time travel chocolate game (Dr Who and chocolate in one game!) proved a great hit!

Christmas cuddles with Auntie K

The next day we caught up with Auntie P, my cousin G and little JD. We had bought him an aqua draw set - but I think M and B enjoyed it even more than he did.

B and JD in a rare motionless moment.

Yesterday we managed to get over to Liverpool to see cousins S and C. Several mad games of 'Chase the monster' and 'Hide and Seek' followed....

Happy cousins with big friend R

In the evening we were back at my mums with Great Auntie M, Uncle C and cousin L. M was over the moon to get a signed DVD of the ChuckleBrothers (she is very into autographs ATM). We had a good time trying out the Dalek Operation game (Auntie K needs practice...) - and several games of Twister had M in a state of collapse.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Day - Part 3!

After spending the afternoon with Gma and Gpa, we went to see Nana and Gdad for tea and more presents!

Of course tea had to wait until after the eagerly expected Dr Who special - M was entranced and B was scared of 'the man in the box' - perfect!

How happy is B to get some new slippers?

M trying out new clothes from Auntie G - and showing off her beloved Nutcracker.

M with Nana

Christmas Dinner

B opening presents with Gma

B loving his 2 Mega Zords!

M spent much of the day trying out the new games on her DS

M took lots of photos during dinner.
Note my lovely apron - my mum doesn't trust me to eat with making a mess....

Christmas Morning - He Came!

After keeping the children up until nearly 10 o'clock on Christmas Eve - they bot fell quickly asleep and didn't get up until 8 o'clock on Christmas Morning!

The pile of presents from Santa was rapidly attacked - fortunatly the clever elves had colour coded the wrapping paper!

M was delighted with her camera, Zelda game for her DS and a brilliant pop up Dr Who book

B got his long awaited Power Ranger Lion Zord - and was also delighted to get a big box of Yu-gi-oh cards (thank you Ifa the elf!)

There is a smile hiding behind all the fringe!

"Yay - We have this book at school!"

The peace after the wrapping paper frensy!

Yet another photographer joins the family!

Christmas Eve - My Birthday

Though I tend to moan a bit about having a birthday on Christmas Eve - really I love it. For many years we have had a tradition of going to a museum or gallery for my birthday treat - and this year we went to Liverpool Museum. As usual for Christmas Eve, the museum was nearly deserted, and the children had a great time exploring the exhibits. We took Uncle R along and Auntie J had hoped to come with us, but was delayed at a hospital appointment.

After a late lunch at Frankies and Benny's (M and D love their fries!) - we popped round to see my Mum and Dad and then MiL and FiL. Auntie J came round for a lovely evening (brightened by her good test results) - of present wrapping and induldging in watching the 100 best musicals show on TV.

A good day.

B exploring the giant eye!

M finds out how different animals see the world.

Having a great time with the colour mixing 'splat' guns.

M just loves ordering her own hot chocolate...

... and I feel the same way about coffee!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Carols and Capers

A and I went to Preston last night - to hear Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. The concert was great - all the band menbers played several instruments - and Maddy Prior was just fabulous.
Find out more about the Carnival Band here
Mind you - we almost didn't get there -our bus driver couldn't find the Guild Hall and got us lost in the one way system. 5 minutes before the start time we gave up - jumped out of the bus and walked!
Lots of hugs and prayers needed for M's godmother Auntie J who has had some bad news this week.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Busy Christmas at FMC

A busy busy day at FMC today. This morning was the family nativity service. The littlies sang a Baby Jesus song before the shell group presented 'The Sleepy Shepherd'. The children did really well - M sang her heart out and B's snoring provided great entertainment.

This evening it was the Candlelight Carol Service. M was singing in the Junior Choir, A with the adults. The new chandeliers and candles (an IKEA star buy) looked great.

An angelic moment for M

B is a not so sleepy shepherd

Candlelight Carols at FMC

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Grumpy Snowman

Mum and I went to see B's Nativity play this morning - and yes it featured a Grumpy Snowman. B, however was a sheep. He did so well - singing and dancing. He made possibly the cutest sheep ever!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Off to see the Wizard

M's school production of The Wizard of Oz - so good I saw it twice! M was in the choir - the acting and dancing parts going to Year 6. The production was excellent as always at FJS. The singing was great - it's not easy music - costumes and acting performances spot on. The infants go up to see it on Friday - and I'm sure B will love it too.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas Trip

Yesterday we went to Manchester for our traditional Christmas trip to Manchester. Unfortunately A had managed to leave his laptop at work on Friday - so we had to detour via Macclesfield - but we made it to Manchester by lunchtime.

We did some shopping, and then went to the cinema at the Printworks to see The Golden Compass. M and B enjoyed the film - though I thought it was a bit of a mess and A fell asleep.

We went to our favourite place to eat - Cafe Rouge for tea - and then went for a wander through the Christmas Markets. M and B loved all the fairy lights - and I am hoping to be able to pop back there this week by myself for a little shop.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

This weekend there is a Christmas Tree festival at T church - part of our circuit. We were asked to decorate a tree - and A had the great idea of theming it around this years church project - the North West Air Ambulance. So a few weeks ago I die cut about 50 card helicopters and the lads from the Youth Club decorated them with glitter. This evening M helped me to decorate our tree with the helicopters - I think it looks great.

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Or so M thinks - she is delighted to have her photograph in the local newspaper.
Me and mum are less than delighted to be in print....

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Animal Tales

Tonight Beavers and Cubs from the whole town converged on FMC for the annual Carol Service. The Worship Leaders and Drama Group presented the Animal Tales, originally written for a parade service a few years ago. A reprised the Sheepdog in the Dog's Tale - while M and C were amongst a rabble of sheep.

Last time round I played the Cat, but this time I had to cover for our friend G who has had surgery, and so I took on the opening Mouse's Tale.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

FMC Christmas Fair

B telling Father Christmas that he would really really like a Mega Mega Zord.

M's list for Father Christmas includes two games for her DS, a china fairy doll and a blue hat and scarf.
Today was the Christmas Fair - a very long and busy day - but as always well worth it. We were as busy as usual on the cake stall - (I had made 18 cakes) - and made over £250. A was as fraught as ever - taking the Father Christmas pictures and trying to get them all printed out in time!

M and B had a great time - wandering round spending money on yet more toys and games. B was delighted to win the treasure hunt game, and M bagged the china doll she had been eyeing up all week.