Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ruby Wedding

Congratualations to Gma and Gpa - on their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

While she was away...

M is off at Cub Camp and hopefully having a fabby time - the sun is still shining and we made the most of it! So here are some random shots from our day....

the fantastic sun flower in gma's garden

biking in Victoria Park

facinated by a hover fly at the gladstone fountain

in the butterfly house

still not too old for the sensory garden (where B spent a LOT of his time as a toddler)

the hothouse flowers

heading off into the distance at Spike Island

swans on the canal

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Great Orme Playground

To contrast with todays sunshine - a month ago we were on our rather wet holiday - and we were the only ones daft enough to brave the Great Orme playground in the evenings. The play equipment was all wet - but A found a plastic bag in the car which provided a great mat for the slide!

September Splashing

The 13th September - but warmer than it was for most of August! We went to the park for the afternoon, and it didn't occur to me to take the wet gear - not that it stopped M and B from playing in the fountains!

M was quite restrained and careful - she stayed pretty dry....

...while B ended up soaked!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Return of the SuperLambBanana's

For two days there are 70 SLB's gathered on St George's Plateau - so straight after school we caught the train to Lime Street to catch lots of the Lambies that we missed back in the holidays.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

La Machine

After weeks of build up - La Machine finally arrived in Liverpool on Wednesday morning - and it's a giant spider! We went to have a look at it dangling off the Concourse Building - and M took this shot from the car with my phone :)
Today the spider (named La Princess) was going to explore the city - so along with thousands of others we went along to watch. It was a bit of a trial waiting with nothing to see....

...but eventually a cheer went up as we saw the legs appear around the corner of Water Street by the Town Hall.
La Princess strode along, serenaded by live musicians on the top of fork lift trucks! M was very impressed by the men haning off her legs!
There were people everywhere - it seemed impossible that La Princess would be able to get through - but somehow the crowds parted... maybe the water spray helped :)
50 feet tall and worked by a large crew of puppeters - it was just amazing to see.
With a bit of plotting and manouvering we managed to be right at the front as La Princess passed by (and the crowd was at least 10 deep by this point!) B was speechless - and this is what a giant spider foot looks like as it is delicately placed a foot way from you!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Back to School....

....for M and B - and for the first time they are both in the same school. B has shot up again over the summer and is now definately a lot taller than M. B is very taken with his new uniform - though I'm sure the shirt and tie will pose a few problems over the coming weeks. And M is now a Year 6 - this time next year she will be off to High School!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Up at Penllyn

A fab time with J at Penllyn - walking the dog's Bonnie and Bracken - and playing in the fields.

Maes Dollau - Fun Day

First up was the donkey rides....

...and then the fancy dress parade. M didn't take part this year - but B came 3rd as a (surprise) Power Ranger.

Then it was the races...

...Megan won the age 10 egg and spoon race!

THe finale was the grand tug of war - even Auntie J joined in!