Saturday, 10 May 2008

Black Watch

Friday night was theatre night - we went to see Black Watch at the Lowry (actually in the Pie Factory - a film studio just round the corner from the Lowry) - and it was just amazing. Seriously - one of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen. The story of a group of Black Watch soliders in Iraq - based on real life interviews - the combination of drama, music and movement was stunning. Not for the faint hearted - virtually every sentence was punctuated by a swear word and the mortar explosions literaelly shook the room - but the end result was left me speechless.

Bank Holiday Weekend

We had a fab Bank Holiday Weekend (appart from the little trip to A&E to get B's thumb x-rayed after he shut the car door on it - it wasn't broken mind - he's a toughie)

Saturday we went to Southport - A had a morning bird watching and I took the kids out along the pier to play on the old slot machines - great fun!

And then on the Monday we popped out to Maes Dollau to see A,S and the girls - it was a gorgeous sunny day - and the children spent hours together out on the field.