Friday, 27 August 2010

Ben's Bat Kite

Mr B's new bat kite - if you tug on the string his wings really flap!

We flew it at West Shore as the sun went down

It's rather fabulous!

Sailing to Puffin Island

We tried to go to Puffin Island on a couple of days - but it was too windy ...

... eventually we made the trip to the small Island off the coast of Anglesey ...

... not the best time of year for birding (but lets face it, after our trips to Skomer in 2000 and 2007 - Puffins are 2 a penny!)

The trip along the Menai Strits was beautiful.....

.... and there was some wildlife to be seen - spot the seal time!

It was blowy enough around the island....

...and we got pretty set sitting in the bows....

...which just added to the fun!

Back on dry land!

Toboggan @ the Orme

Miss M and Mr B have been riding the Orme toboggan since they were 2 - sitting on our laps and loving going fast.

Once you are 8 you are meant to ride by yourself, however Miss M has managed to pasts as a couple of years younger and kept riding with us.

Now, however, neither can pass as young enough, so it was time to go solo - and they loved it. No slow trip down the track - they both went as fast as they could!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Playing @ Tal-y-bont

The playground at the bottom of the hill where my Nannie and Grandpa lived.

I played here as a child and I loved the big slide- my little brother fell off the top when he was 3!

It's just the same as it was - the playground that Health and Safety forgot!

Bodnant Gardens

Where Mr B kept himslef happily occupied with a stick and a stream.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bumble Bee Hunt

Wild Wednesday at RSPB Conwy - we went Bumble Bee Hunting!

We found lots of bees - they aren't so easy to photograph though!

After the hunt it was back to the classrooms to make bee mobiles - Mr B really concentrated making his....

... and hew was so proud of how it turned out!

Climbing the Vadre

A lovely walk with fabulous views of the estuary at the end!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Playing @ Trinity Avenue

One of the very best things about going holidays in Wales are the evenings at the playground - and Tinity Ave is one of our favourites.

Sunday in Llandudno...

... and a chance to ride on the donkeys!