Monday, 26 October 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures

Huge thanks to Gallifrey who shared her tickets for the Sarah Jane Adventures Screening and event with us.

M and I arrived at the Liverpool One Odeon to be greeted by this Judoon...

... the mask is just fabulously done.

When Gallifrey and E arrived the girls headed off to do the free activities....

...including photographs with K-9...

... and getting autographs from the 3 young stars... ...then it was into the cinema to see episode 5 of the current series of SJA - the wedding of Sarah Jane...

...which was rather good - {though sadly for Gallifrey, Mr Tennant only appeared in the last scene - she would have liked for more David on screen }

There was time for one last Judoon photo before home

Saturday, 24 October 2009

When your little cousin comes to stay...

... it's time for cuddles and play!

And as for the hat - how gorgeous is that!

Monday, 19 October 2009

B's School Trip to Chester

I went with B on his school trip to Chester - the best bit was lunch by the river....

.... before we went on a long (long, long) walk around the walls.

Teddy Bear Concert @ the Phil

Huge thanks as ever to Auntie S for getting us tickets to the RLPO Teddy Bears Picnic Concert.

B was accompanied by Frodo Bear...

... while M and Esme and C and Bonzo came along too.
It was lots of fun...
... and we all had a great time.
(Especially me - Aularian's know all of the Teddy Bear's Picnic by heart -
an essential Teddyhall skill!)

Cubs @ Forest Camp

E, C and M - three friends at Forest Camp.
B did archery for the first time at PGL camp a couple of weeks ago...

... while M is now quite the old hand at it.

M with the branding activity - all flames, smoke and glowing metal sticks! No burns this year than goodness.

The round pond was looking magnificent!

Reef knots and hitches are quite tricky you know

BAckwoods cooking - baked banana and mars bars....

... and the strange dough twists on a sharp stick! Yummy with jam and syrup!

The low ropes course is always great fun...

.... and was a great end to a busy day.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Inherit the Wind

So - to the reason we trekked to London for the day - to see "Inherit the Wind".

An old courtroom drama - and Al's favourite film of all time

The first time we had seen Kevin Spacey on stage - and he was magnificent as Henry Drummond - such a clever and physical performance.

We hadn't seen David Troughton live since his terrifying Caliban at the RSC back '93. His performance was equally brilliant- and his portrayal of a strong man broken has us thinking - when is he going to do Lear?
Sam Phillips played the teacher Cates - once we realised that it was Jamie from Hotel Trubble (on CBBC pretty much all the time) we had to resist huming the infernal theme tune!

There was a huge cast(45!) - and the set was amazing - it just went back forever!

And in old Trev Nunn style there was a lot of live music and singing

The best support was from Sam Cox as the Ranter Elijah and Mark Dexter as the nasty journalist EK Hornbeck.
It was just fabulous :)

London Away Day...

... the principal of 'how much can you squeese into a day?' still stands!

With M and B off at Cub Camp, A and I got the 8am train from Runcorn and arrived at Euston before 10!

We decided to spend the morning at the National Gallery

We decided to mostly wander without a plan - but still managed to find one of my old favourites - The Rokeby Venus...

.... it wasn't conincidence that led me to the Wilton Diptrych though - my favourite of all the fabulous pieces in the Sainsbury Wing.

We had lunch in the National Cafe - which was rather fabulous.

We walked down to the Emnbankment (past the Playhouse and it's posters of John Barrowman in La Cage Aux Folles)...

...and crossed the river at the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

... it was pretty windy (see the hair)... ... but the view was as good as ever!

We wandered along the South Bank (called in at the fabulous Foyles)...

....before heading past Waterloo to the Old Vic and the main reason for our day trip - their production of ...

On the carousel... the M and E at the Vintage Fair.