Sunday, 30 November 2008

November round up

Since my last post life has been rather a whirl - both Nana and Auntie J in Wales have had major operations, and Uncle C has been very ill in hospital too. We have led a powerful Remembrance Sunday Worship at FMC, and managed to relocate last Sunday's service to the Hall with 25 minutes notice to sort the audio visuals, chairs, lecterns etc! M has been on a sleepover party, whilst B and A survived a District Beaver sleepover at the chuch hall with 41 other little Beavers! B has started a new set of Occupational Therapy sessions, and we are waiting to hear the result of the his schools application for enhanced provision funding.

But amidst the chaos - we did manage morning last Saturday at Walton Gardens

M was determined to conquer the monkey rings...

...while B rode the rocking horse rodeo style...

...M loves this swing...

...and B enjoys the slide...

... back on the swing again...

....B was facinated by the animals, especially the Red Squirrels and Goosey Lucy!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Here come the swans!

Saturday at Martin Mere...

.... and the usual riot on the playground...

.... whilst the squadrons of Whooper swans flew in...

... so beautiful...

....though not the most graceful landers!

No - not a swan - but I couldn't resist this grey crowned crane

or this picture of M and A!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

King Lear

I couldn't believe my good luck when I got a text on Tuesday morning offering me a free ticket to the last preview night of King Lear at the Everyman.

As it turned out - it was a rather odd production. Pete Postlethwaite played Lear with great physical vulnerability - especially in the Dover scenes when wearing a floral summer dress! But I was disappointed that his spoken verse in the first act was not always clear, and was surprised by his lack of stage presence. Compared to the wonderful performance of John Shrapnel as Gloucester I felt somewhat underwhelmed. But then again, Postlethwaite had been in hospital over the weekend - so perhaps I didn't see him at his best.

There were lots of interesting staging ideas - but some didn't work and in others I thought the concept could have been taken further. Goneril was played as heavily pregnant at the start of the play and seemed to be ready to give birth durning the storm scene - but then just disappeared from the stage to return later with the infant. The blinding of Gloucester was suitably disgusting (Regan biting out one eye!).

A mixed bag - but well worth an unexpected Tuesday out!


I just love the 5th November. I love parking the car in town and walking down to West Bank. And I love standing with thousands of others to watch the fireworks.

The display was as good as ever.

M was very impressed with the heart shaped bursts.

We met up with J and her family - M, J and B got a great view by standing on a bench

Can you spot B in his sparkler circle?


Halloween at the caravan....
.... we carved pumpkins to sit on the caravan steps....

..... B's Power Ranger outfit made a return and M found a fab dress to wear as Wednesday Adams.

We went on a spooky drive in the dark to Penllyn where Auntie J treated us to tea and chocolates! We played make a monster and bob apples :)

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Happy birthday Gpa!

Birthday pancakes at the Pancake House!

Birthday cake desgined by M!

70 candles supplied by Auntie J! {and no cake conflagration - unlike another 70th birthday long ago...}

Saturday, 1 November 2008


A morning at Craig-y-Don, North Shore Llandudno. It was cold. The wind was so biting it hurt. And B stood, watching the waves. Entranced.

RSPB Conwy

Even on a (very) wet morning - you can still have a lot of fun at the brilliant RSPB reserve in Conwy!

It rained....

Back from a week at Maes Dollau - where it rained. A lot. And when it wasn't raining it hailed. For hours on end. And then there was the wind on North Shore the morning we went to Craig-y-Don - which took wind chill to a whole new level....

But there must have been sunshine at some point - how else could we have seen this fantastic double rainbow in front of the Orme?