Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Masquerade Ball (with added Strictly)

Jude invited us to the Rotary Masquerade Ball -
{ and while my 14 year old self was aghast at the thought-
we couldn't pass up seeing our favourite Strictly Come Dancing Pro Kevin Clifton }
It was a beautiful evening at the stadium - with lots of friends from church also in attendance


After a somewhat dramatic fainting incident by Megan
{it's been years since she did that - lesson about drinking enough water}
we sat in the reception area when Kevin and his lovely sister Joanne
 emerged from the green room.

They spoke kindly to Megs - who had recovered enough to watch them dance.

Of course - Kevin and Joanne don't usually dance together -
but Kevin's partner and fiance Karen was stuck out of the country with a visa issue.
Karen is an amazing dancer - and it was a shame we couldn't see her -
but we fell in love with Joanne last year on SCD -
and she was just  lovely in person.

And Kevin? Just as adorably geeky in real lie as on TV.

The dancing was definitely

Blogger doesn't want to accept my HTML for embedding the little bits of video I took -

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