Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I usually have this rule - that my blog is for the good stuff. For the days out, and the parties. For the holidays and the the children's achievemets. The stuff that I want to share and remember.

I don't usually write about the negatives. I don't write much about B's diffculties. I don't really write about autism, or apppointments, or meetings, or the form filling, or the battles with the education authority. I don't write about tears or tantrums.

So I didn't write about Al being under the weather at Christmas. I didn't write about how much weight he lost. I didn't write about how worried I was about him. I didn't mention last week that he was going to the doctors.

But after last week, things have changed - and I have to write about a huge negative that has entered our lives, because it's not going to go away.

A has diabetes.

At the first appointment the GP said it was type 2 - this seemed hard enough.
The next day A went to work and I bought a book and read about diets and tablets.

The following day I went with him for the follow up appointment.

It was worse - he had ketones and was sent straight to the hospital.
By the afternoon he was on a drip for rehydration and an insulin pump.

And so our world changed.

Type 1 diabetes.

He was home after a day. He's off work for this week - hoping to go back next Monday.
He's finding the balance, adapting to the new rules and routines.
To the testing and the injections.
To his new 'kit'.

Blood monitoring at least 4 times a day...

....to Lantus slow release insulin once a day...

...and Novorapid with every meal.

It's not going away, but I hope with time it will stop being a negative and just become a normal part of life.

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