Monday, 7 June 2010

LalaLuna (or how B became a star of the stage)

A couple of months ago a friend saw LaLaLuna and linked a video about it on Facebook. It looked facinating, so I booked us tickets to see it at the Lowry.

It was just fabulous! We had seats on the front row, and so were involved in all the interactive elements. Including B making his stage debut! If you watch the embedded video, you will see a little girl on satege playing the whoopee cushion - that's what B did. He was sooooo good and played along brilliantly - it was just the funniest thing to see. Considereing the number of times I have seen him sit in silence on a stage when all the other chldren are singing, it was marvellous to see.

The giant moon balloon was a present from Wolfe Bowart for taking part so well.

The show is amazingly creative, beautiful and very funny, and extremly moving in the end. Really one of the most perfect pieces of theatre I've ever seen.


a said...

Just wonderful that Ben had that experience and wonderful that you could all watch him! Lovely!

Pol said...

We wouldn't have gone if you had't FB'd it - can't thank you enough

Teachinfourth said...

Holy cow, that looks like it would have been quite the show to see…pretty interactive, similar to ComedySportz.