Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tennant, Tate & Spacey Day

Our 17th Wedding Anniversary - a trip to London to see two great plays.

Oh, and Miss Megs tagged along too to see one of her heroes.

It was an early train from Runcorn ...

.... first up when we got to London - a stroll around the National Gallery...

....Miss Megs was rather taken with this living statue outside.

We had a great lunch at Steak and Co - your steak is seared in the kitchen, then brought to you on a (very) hot steak stone - you cook each mouthful on the stone - rather fab!

We had time for another gallery before our first show - 
so we popped into the National Portrait Gallery 

Then time for the first play - Much Ado About Nothing, 
starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate - Guardian review  here.

It was a very funny production - with the two leads playing exactly as you would expect. Great entertainment - with lots of business aimed squarely at the audience of David Tennant's fans!

This was Miss Megs idea of heaven - she had bought the Tshirt before the performance...

... and made an insane rush to the stage door afterwards to get her programme signed 
(no mean feet - the crowd was about 8 deep by the time I arrived at the back of the theatre!)

We took a cab to our hotel , where we had time for a quick sandwich before walking to the 
Old Vic for our second play of the day.

Richard III - starring the the mesmerizing Kevin Spacey. We were concerned how Miss Megs would cope with this mature production - but she was a star and was entranced. Not surprising - this production was truly amazing - the rest of the cast  (including Gemma Jones, Haydn Gwynn  and Chuk Iwuji) outstanding - but Mr Spacey just beyond words - perfect. The staging was clever - the multimedia inspired - and the end, with a dead Richard hanging, upside down above the stage - breathtaking. 

And the drums? Oh the drums were stunning!

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