Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Two Days in York...

... with very few photos!

I blame the weather - it was VERY wet.

But we had a great lunch at the GBK....
{where we met Ben's Form Tutor from School -
 off in York for a few days after his wedding on Saturday -
and he meets a pupil - lucky man!}

... enjoyed the exhibition at the Jorvik Centre...
{though Megs felt the smell was far too realistic}

... laughed our way through the movie Turbo...

{though failed to find the new book Megs was after - 
Amazon Prime to the rescue} 

... and visited the National Railway Museum.

In other news - and in the interests of full disclosure -
  Ben has a horrible cough
 and had a moderately impressive meltdown walking back to the car in the rain!

Just keeping it real!

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