Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Two Play Day - Henry IV Parts One and Two

First day of the Easter Holidays -
 we left Benjamin with Gma for the day/night and headed down to Stratford.

We had tickets for the two parts of Henry IV -
seeing part one as the matinee and part two in the evening.

and this production (also direct by Greg Doran) was a direct sequel.
We were sat in the circle for Part One....

 ... and it was quite marvellous.
With the figure of the dead King Richard overseeing the start of the play
and a bonkers Hotspur {think John Simm in Dr Who}
Hal and Poins had a serious bromance going on
and Anthony Sher's Falstaff was pitch perfect.

 We had tea at Cafe Rouge, booked into the Waterways Premier Inn
and got back to the theatre for Part Two.
I'm not as fond of this play, but again this production was excellent,
with Oliver Ford Davis' Justice Shallow being a particular highlight.
The coronation of Hal as Henry V brought things full circle, with echos of King Richard's court - hoping for a great Henry V as the next instalment of the Histories next year!


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