Thursday, 15 May 2014

An unexpected trip to see McBusted!

So here's how it happened.
Megs BF Jamie was meant to be seeing McBusted in Manchester
on Saturday night  with her mum and sisters.
Jamie was ill and couldn't go -
so her mum managed to get 4 tickets for the Tuesday date at Liverpool.
The plan was for Megs and Jamie to go along with 2 other friends.
Come Monday evening - the 2 other friends had pulled out(!?) -
and Megs was worried about just going alone with Jamie.
So I offered to go along (and promised to NOT be the embarrasing mum.)
Come Tuesday evening there was still one ticket spare -
so one of Jamie's little sisters came along too!

 It was a really fun night - lots of screaming from the girls
{not just Megs and Jamie - but rather the whole arena}

and lots (and lots) of running and jumping from the McFly and Busted boys!
{Honestly - it's like they all have ADHD!}


HUGE thanks to Jamie's mum Mel who arranged it all! 

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