Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Masterclass From Mr Spacey

Two previous trips to see Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic
Both plays were utterly amazing -
so seeing Mr Spacey in a the one man show Clarence Darrow was a must. 

It was a glorious evening in Southwalk as we walked along The Cut to the theatre-

The Old Vic has been turned into the round this season....

... we were sitting in the proscenium -
 just about the same spot that we last saw Kevin Spacey
 hanging upside down at the end of R3.
The space seemed so small and intimate -
when the play started Mr Spacey came onto the stage, and didn't speak for maybe 5 minutes as he sorted and arranged papers -
the tension rose - and oh, when he launched into the monologue it was perfection.
At the end the audience rose as one -
I can't remember the last time I saw that happen.
I know we have been so lucky to see 3 outstanding performances by Kevin Spacey -
it looks like it may be a long time before he's back on the London stage again.

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