Saturday, 12 July 2014

Twenty Five Years Ago {Our Origin Story}

 On the 12th July 1989 Al and I went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels -
at the end of the evening he asked me out.
Of course this was just meant to be a summer romance,
as I was off to University in the Autumn,
but after three years of daily letters we were still together.
Over the last twenty five years we have seen an awful lot of films.
The AMC Warrington is now an Odeon,
and of course Widnes has it's own cinema once again.
We love the IMAX screens in Manchester and Liverpool,
and every holiday at the caravan involves a trip to the Cineworld at Llandudno Junction.
We used to see films as a couple,
then Megs came along and bounced through her first movie at 18 months of age
{it was the Tigger Movie!}
When Ben arrived, Megs was a confirmed film addict -
so his first film was Ice Age when he was just a few months old
{he slept though it!}
So - to celebrate 25 years together -
a cinema trip
{with Ben.}
Transformers: Age of Extinction was his choice -
He sat in the D-Box and thought it was awesome.
We sat in the stationary seats and thought it was pretty dreadful.
But a film is a film.
And a trip to the cinema is always good.
Here's to twenty five more years,
and lot more films!


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