Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Perfect Mind @ The Unity Theatre

It was a chance thing really - I saw an something on the Guardian website about the play and it intrigued me.
Somehow this was our first trip to the Unity
{what a great little space!}
and what an introduction.
The two hander with Edward Petherbridge
{saw him as the Ghost/Player King in Hamlet at the RSC in the mid nineties}
and Paul Hunter.
Very loosely it tells the story of Edward's stroke as he was preparing to play King Lear in New Zealand - all mixed in with anecdotes from his career and speeches from Lear.
Very, very funny. And very, very moving.
I've seen King Lear lots of times -
But never before have I understood Lear the man so keenly.
And at £8 a ticket - theatrical bargin of the year!

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