Sunday, 9 November 2014

Love's Labour's Lost and Won

Weekend trip to Stratford for Al, Megs and I 
{Ben stayed with Gma and Gpa}

We saw the paired productions of Love's Labour's Lost and Love's Labour's Won
{new title for Much Ado About Nothing}

An inspired concept - the plays were placed around the First World War - 
the set was an amazing recreation of Charlecote House.

The plays were exquisite - full of music and light -
- veyr very funny in their staging, and both with very beautiful and poignant moments
{yes - I was sobbing at the end of Lost}

I've seen both plays before several times - 

Love's Labour's with Ralph Fiennes and Simon Russell Beale back in the 90's

Much Ado has been a favourite since I fell {further} in love with Emma Thompson reciting
 'Sigh no more...' in the Brannagh movie

and honestly, while Tennant's verse was more accomplished, and the Brannagh film is so life affirming, and Ralph Fiennes was oh so very beautiful - 

these current productions are, I think, my favourites.
They have so much heart and I've never before
 cared so much about the {thwarted and successful} lovers.

Days with doubled up performances can be hard going -
but not this time.

 We stopped over at the Waterside Premier Inn,
which was as nice as ever.

The Sunday morning was bright - 
so we left Megs in bed while was had breakfast and a peaceful walk by the river. 

A lovely stop off on the way home to see Gill, Russell and Joyce -
so good to see Gill again.

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