Sunday, 18 January 2015

this weekend.....

Al managed to leave his phone in work on Friday evening -
so we spent Saturday driving to Macclesfield to reclaim it
{kids stayed in bed - that is the way of the teenager.}

Whilst it was a pain - the drive through Cheshire is always beautiful -
there was snow on the hill above Macclesfield

On the way back we stopped off at Tatton Park for lunch -

Is it bad form to enjoy venison lasagna and then photograph the deer?

In the eveing we met up with friends
{Jude Linda Richard Fiona}

While Megs met up with her friends
{Jamie and Tabitha}

And we all saw Into the Woods
{absolutely NOT together}

Meanwhile Ben has had a cold -
and Megs is STILL under the weather following her flu/ hideous cough/ streaming cold -
nearly 2 weeks now :(

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