Saturday, 21 February 2015

Stratford Saturday

We went away for the end of half term - taking Meg's Jamie with us.
We arrived in Stratford at lunchtime -
spent the afternoon shopping and visiting Shakespeare's birthplace
{Ben had never been before - he was very interested until he had a freak out about the wooden floors - "They're over 100 years old - they could collapse any moment!"}

The kids stayed in the hotel
{as usual Premier Inn Waterside}
while  Al and I went to the theatre to see the extraordinary "Oppenheimer"

We realised it was the first time we had been to the Swan since 1989
{I was expecting Megan!}

And what a production to reintroduce us to the theatre - 
covering Oppie's life during the Manhattan project - 
Physics and Philosophy inequal measure.

It's transferring to London in a couple of weeks - well worth a watch.

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