Tuesday, 21 July 2015

And with a flurry of cupcakes.....

..... another school year is over.

Of course, Megs finished a couple of weeks ago - 
but today Ben left Year 9 behind -
and I said goodbye to most of my Nursery classes as they headed off to big school.

The last day of term is always exciting, and sad in equal measure -
this year - as I question how long I want to keep teaching -
I received some of the kindest and most heartfelt words from parents.

I know how much difference I've made to these children and to their families.
If I could just be left alone to do what I know is right then I would teach forever.

But as things stand, I am going to have to move on.
Another teacher will be leaving the profession
{not just yet - but I have a plan - an exit strategy that excites me,} 

But for today - there are cakes!

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