Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bus Boy

This week saw "Operation Teach Ben to use the Bus"

I took him on the bus to Gma's and back -
I shadowed him as he asked for his own fare and figured out where to press the bell.

And then I walked him to the stop by home,
watched him across the road,
and let him get the bus by himself to Gma's...

And he did it!

He got off at the correct stop and walked to the end of Gma's road, where she met him.

This is a huge step towards independence for him.

And then - as a bonus - 
a friend saw a post I'd put on FB about it, and pointed me in the direction of the 
Independant Travel Trainers {I'd never heard of them}
who will now work with Ben to further develop his skills
{crossing roads is still a big issue.}

Onwards and upwards!

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