Friday, 22 January 2016


Lots of things have happened since the New Year
But I don't seem to have pictures of any of them!

After much panic and dithering I submitted my first Open University coursework 
- I got 78% which reassured me greatly.

Ben  started at Aquila Explorer's -
and so far is loving it,
He's also had a couple of days programming robots on a school project 
{2 days at a high school in Bootle - no uniform and no PE lessons - Ben declared it 'relaxing'}

Megs got her mock results {v good} and has hopefully finished her EPQ essay.
She's still not told UCAS which offer she's going to take up
{York, Warwick, Birmingham or Sheffield}
though Sheffield is still leading the running.
Her A Level Theatre practical exam is coming up soon.

Other than that - it's been cold dark and usually raining.
Al's buried  with work.
I'm buried with work and OU studies - 
oh and another 9 barely 3 year olds have joined Nursery
Fair to say January is NOT my favourite month!

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