Saturday, 10 December 2016

Harry Potter Weekend - The Cursed Child

The tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child were booked over a year ago -
on the day that tickets were first released -
it was half term and we were in Angelsey with no signal -
no chance I thought - 
but in the afternoon - a second batch of tickets was released -
and as we sped down the A55 back to Llandudno -
I prayed that the fragile internet connection would hold. 
It did!

Over the last year the hype has grown and grown -
and our expectation has grown too.

The casting (Jamie Parker!) seemed perfect -
and once we realised that the direction and movement 
we were sure that it was going to be a very special production.

And so it proved to be.

The simple set - with amazing movement and props -
the tricks and the magic - the costumes-
 the sound track and the WHOOSH
the sweetest characters and moments when the whole audience gasped.

Oh but #keepthesecrets

We  left the theatre at the end of Part One shaking with the power of the final scene.

Tea at Pret 
(with shakes from GBK)

A visit to the Leceister Square Lego store
{I've never queued outside a Lego shop in the rain before...}

And back to the theatre 

Part Two was more plot driven -
 with the gasps coming more from the story rather than the performance -
as a whole - maybe the best piece of theatre I've ever seen.

Megan was a wreck by the end 
{and I will admit to a fair amount of sobbing myself}

We weren't ready to go back to the hotel -
so we walked through a crowded West End to see the Christmas lights -
debating the story and the staging -
and finding more magic.

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