Sunday, 10 July 2011

Off to face the worst Doctor Who Monsters...

We have no photos of the actual interactive theatre event - no cameras allowed - and anyway, we were too busy stumbling in the dark or running from the Weeping Angels!

We met up with Miss E and my dear friend K for the "show" at the MediaCity Studios, Salford. 

The 3 children - all huge Doctor Who fans - were totally engaged by the experience. It was  just as scary as a DW episode story should be - Miss E nearly found it too much - but Miss M holding her hand and the reassuring words from one of the actor worked wonders. Mr B had all the answers - "That's what River Song uses to travel in time..." - and was only too happy to share his thoughts (frequently and loudly).

It was so well done - and absolutely lived up to expectations.

Before the adventure...

 ... and afterwards!

Video here

Reviews here and here

After the Doctor Who adventure - we explored the rest of the CBBC exhibits in the new studios

 Including the delightful Barney Harwood...

Dick, Dom & Mr B

and everyone's favourite - "Horrible Histories"

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