Saturday, 30 July 2011

A walk to the Afon Dulyn

We went for a trek to one of my favourite spots in the whole world - the bridge at the Afon Dulyn

We parked at Tal-y-Bont and walked up the hill to Llanbedr - stopping for photo ops at the The Bull Inn and  Pen-y-Graig (my grandparents house for 30 years)

Then it was a walk through the woods to the river....
.... to get to the bridge....

.... and the amazing rocks!

I spent many happy times here with my brother, climbing, playing, reading 
(yes, the BEST spot to sit and read)

Miss M and Mr B were very happy to go and clamber onto the rocks - I decided to stay on the bridge and watch!

Then it was a stroll back down to the car.

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Anonymous said...

Wales is the most beautiful xountry in Europe.