Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bellowhead at Liverpool Phil

The good news: Bellowhead were as magnificent as ever
 (apart from a bit of wonky balancing and feedback on the first 2 songs)

The bad news: It was a seated gig, and we had the misfortune to be sitting in front of a very strange and particularly rude older lady who kept complaining
that we weren't sitting up straight enough and so she couldn't see.
Obviously the first time she mentioned this we assumed she was joking -
 after all, the Philharmonic stage is very wide, and there are 11 people up there - my head isn't big enough to block that out!
 But no - she got ruder and accused Al of lying, and chuntered on loudly to her daughter/granddaughter about us. It was putting a real dampener on things.
 And then in the second half she started poking me in the back and being extremely obnoxious. So, we gave up our seats, and went to find the front of house staff - who were lovely
(especially Yvonne) - and found us spare seats in a box.

In conclusion: We finished the gig in a  box - and we bounced, clapped and danced - as Bellowhead finished off the gig in grand style (despite their own anger at having laptops etc stolen from their dressing rooms). The dotty woman must have been beside herself as most of the audience were on their feet for New York Girls. We've decided that in future we won't bother with seated Bellowhead gigs - not worth the risk!

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