Friday, 5 July 2013

Megan's 15th Birthday..... and she's off to camp!

With Ben still away with school,
 Megs had a quiet time first thing this morning
opening cards and presents
{fourteen books so far!}

She had a morning at the Sixth Form College doing A Level taster sessions
{A Levels! - How did we get to this point!}

Then at lunchtime she headed off to Sun Run with the Aquilla Explorers -
meaning I had to follow the rest of her day via facebook.

So I know she got to camp fine,
and that the leaders had organised a birthday cake for her
{so kind of them}
and I know that she was dressed as Tinkerbell for the Fancy Dressed party
but that's about it.

At least Megs talks (and talks) when we collect her from camp!

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