Sunday, 2 February 2014

Oh how I love Henry V

One of my favourite plays -
I fell in love with the Ken Brannagh version when I was a student -
Such clear memories of watching it with friends at the Pheonix Picture House in Oxford

We absolutely had to see Jude Law in the role -
perhaps the first half was a little disappointing.
The Globe production we saw in 2012 was so vibrant and full of life
with Jamie Parker as a very young Henry -
that this production at first seemed a little flat.

But after the interval - the war weary, duty bound Henry really came to life.
The camp fire scene was very moving -
and the device of doubling the Chorus/Boy lent huge poignancy to attack on the baggage.

By the time Henry wooed Katherine - we had been totally won over.

{and of course the sight of Mr Law in those tight leather trousers
was probably worth the trip to London alone!}


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