Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Morning

A 6.30am start to the present opening
{Ben set his alarm!}

Ben loved his cuddly Ninja Turtle, his strawberry chocolates
 and of course his new Pokemon game. 

Megan got some DVDs and CDs - 
and as a HUGE surprise, tickets to see her favourite Idina Menzel in concert in the summer.

As soon as he'd finished opening presents Benjamin started to play his pokemon game - and the rest of us went back to bed for a bit more sleep before Church at 11 o'clock.

A lovely family service, the children showing off their presents
and some fabulous singing -
before time to swap presents with Godparents and friends.

We spent the rest of the day at Gma's house -
we read the last part of our Ann Voscamp Advent Book,
ate lunch, shared yet more presents and generally had a wonderful family time.

Uncle Chris came at tea time, 
{more presents!} 

then once Katharine had gone to bed we played Doctor Who Trivial Pursuits
 and watched the Christmas Special.

{Last Christmas - oh - this year that meant so much}

 The day was pretty much perfect - 
but like 2 years ago, there is sadness as our dear Gill is so tired and ill - 
 at the end of the evening - all I  could do was to pray for her - for peace and strength -
and for God's blessings on us all.

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