Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day 2015

We'd promised Al's dad that we'd spend the afternoon with him -
so I only got to see my dad at Church.

BUT - he did have a cool card with a "Best Dad" badge -
PLUS - Jon and I bought him 2 new train books -
AND - I found this great photo from 1987 -
taken on Tanera Mor, one of the Summer Isles in the far north

{ growing up my dad took us on the best adventures }

Love you Dad!

 Meanwhile Al's dad had hurt his foot -
so Al had to dash off after church and spent the afternoon with him at the walk in centre

still - at least he had his lovely Star Wars socks as a present - "I am your Father!" }

Things did pick up after that -
we served high tea at Al's dad's house -

the teens and pre-teens were mostly enthralled by their tech....

but did smile nicely for some photos

At the end of the day -

we all love you Al - such a good dad to Megs and Ben :)

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