Saturday, 27 June 2015

Stratford and Leicester on a Saturday {Othello at the RSC}

An early morning start - picking up Megs from Jamies -
then a quick drive down to Stratford-upon-Avon.

Book shopping and a chippy lunch,
then sitting in the sun in Bancroft Gardens.

Ben saw a man selling bubble wands - 
unusually for him he took an interest and asked if he could buy one.
He went over and bought it himself  #lifeskills
and then had a fine time blowing giant bubbles.

As is now usual Ben spent a the rest of the afternoon in the cafe
whilst we watched Othello.

 A great, magical moment at the start, 
followed by brutality, 
some interesting comments on racism and class
and a really quite dangerous performance from Hugh Quarshie.

Sadly, however, the second half all fell rather flat,
so - half a great production.

Afterwards we drove up to Leicester, 
and had tea with Russell, Joyce and Lizzie
{great veggie lasagne Lizzie - student cooking skills put to good use! }
We hadn't seen them since Gill's funeral - good to catch up.

It was a long drive home and it was late when got back - 
these sort of days are good - but I think we need some quiet weekends too!

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