Monday, 28 September 2015


In a year Megs will be off at University - but which one?

This autumn is all about UCAS forms and Uni Open Days.

Last week she took the train to York, along with best friend Jamie -
they survived ducks and trains and had a great time.

This week it was Warwick. Al and I gave her a lift to the Open Day Park and Ride.... 
then left her.

These days it seems that parents take the lead -
 nearly all the teens had Mummy and Daddy in tow -
but I am sure that is best for 17/18 year olds to make their own minds up -
Didn't stop me feeling guilty as we drove away through.

Still - she had a good day - met up with new friend Abigail
{they met on the Pembroke North scheme}
and went home with her so they could go to a party together.

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