Sunday, 4 October 2015

Good-bye Sarah

Sarah was my lovely car - a purple vauxhall corsa.

Before Sarah - we took the bus, we took the train, we begged lifts.
I was an expert at folding a buggy with one foot, while holding onto a baby and small child.

My dad gave me lifts to work - a lot of lifts.

And then he did the most marvelous thing and bought me a car.

When I first got her she was 3 years old and shiny.
Megs christened her Shiny Sarah and she was wonderful.

When I had 2 small children there were matching booster seats 
and we had adventures to parks and playgrounds.

When I had 2 teenagers she ferried and taxied and collected
{and we still had adventures.}

She took me to see friends - and she took friends out for coffee.

Very occasionally she had a long trip. 
Some holidays at the caravan.
And one very long drive to Essex in Olympic Year.

Along the way she collected lots of dents 
and went through a remarkable 3 replacement wing mirrors
{not ALL of the damage was my fault.}

There was a phase where she kept not starting - but a new battery fixed that.
In 2012 she developed a very intermittent fault 
where she wouldn't go into first gear from starting, 
but a little reverse always fixed that.

Then a year ago - on day she wouldn't go into gear at all.
I googled the fault. It was going to be a very expensive repair.
I called the RAC in a vain hope. 
A man came, turned the key and she worked!

But after that, every key turn I had my heart in my mouth,
would she work? 
We got through the winter. Al was going to get a works car.
Would Sarah keep going? We had a couple of very tricky morning school runs.

Then Al's works car came. I started to drive his car everyday.
And Sarah sat outside the house.
I thought that maybe Megs could learnt to drive in her - 
but the reality of the costs of keeping her going were horrible.

So with MOT, tax and insurance due....

I sold her to the scrap yard. She refused to start - she didn't want to go -
and they sent a man with low loader.

As he strapped her on Megs and I sobbed -
which is rather ridiculous -
but we loved her  - and all the memories and all that she represented.

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