Friday, 8 July 2016


Before this summer -
 my last experience of an exam was Finals in Oxford in the summer of 1992.

Finals didn't go particularly well - I was really happy to end up with a 2:1
and moved on to do my PGCE in primary teaching - happy that exams were in my past.

When I started my Masters in Earth Science with the Open University I was 
rather shocked to discover there was an end of unit exam.

I revised hard over half term - 
and when I sat the exam I was really pleased with how it had gone.
 But over the following weeks my confidence ebbed away.

My delight on opening the results email  
and discovering I had passed with 87% was just fantastic.
My coursework had averaged 75% {time was really hard to come by in term time}
so overall Grade 2 -

 whilst teaching full time - managing an autistic son -
helping a daughter through A Levels - running the house -
Worship Leading at Church {and teaching Sunday School}

This girl has STILL got it!

{Thank you Al - for husbandly support - and Megs for being my revision buddy!}

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