Thursday, 18 August 2016


A level results day......

Megs had declared that she wasn't going to check the UCAS website
 until she had been to college to pick up her A Level results.

That determination lasted until she checked Facebook and saw the number of friends who were posting their confirmed places....

So she logged on to see,,,

..... yep - she's off to Sheffield in September!

After that - it was a trip to college to get the actual grades and meet up with friends.

For the record:

English Literature - A
Theatre Studies -A
Extended Project -A
History - B

One happy girl - and virtually all her friends either got in at their first choice -
or were happy with the places they secured over the day through Clearing.

Tonight she's off in Liverpool with friends.....
In a months time we will have left her in her room in Sheffield.

I can't believe my little one is grown up. 
I am so very proud of her and her results.
I can't bare the thought of her going - but I am so excited for the adventures she will have.
Four weeks more.....

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