Saturday, 6 August 2016

No Man's Land - theatre trip to Sheffield

A day trip to Sheffield 
{how many more to come? - Meg's A Level results day is fast approaching} 
for a very special theatre experience -

Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen in the very odd, but very funny "No Man's Land."

Megs had been at Abigail's for Friday night dinner -
so we got the train in Widnes, and she joined us in Manchester.

We got to Sheffield in time for lunch -
introduced Ben to the Waterstones cafe -
and headed to the theatre.

It was an acting masterclass - 
two of our greatest actors egging each other on -
perhaps I don't really understand Pinter
{Megs helpfully pointed out that "Pinter - it's all mental isn't it"}
but this was an unforgettable production.

Afterwards we collected Ben -
and whilst Al and I collected coffee -
Megs and Ben had a VERY close encounter with Mr Mckellen.

Megan "Oh my god - just be cool"
Ben "I just wanted to say hi"

Will we be back in Sheffield in September? - time will tell.....

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