Saturday, 26 November 2016

Levelling the Land at 30

It was an amazing night - 
so we were very excited to get tickets for the 30th anniversary tour.

The evening got off to an odd start when I drove us to the Apollo in Manchester -
it was in darkness!

A quick google showed that we were meant to be at the Academy - 
so we had a rapid reroute!

the gig itself was a mixed bag.

Punk folk group Ferocious Dogs were the excellent support - 

But the Levs? They didn't sound a patch on 5 years ago.
{Playing the CD on the way home just rubbed that in}

Yes the singing 80's protest songs is fun -
but I'm sorry to say that aging, chubby, topless, punk/crusty moshers 
are now getting rather sad.

The intro video of protests over the last 30 years provoked a big boo for Thatcher -
 but a bigger boo for Blair
and the whiff of the Corbynistas was strong.


All in all - a good enough night - but I dont think we'll bother with 35 years

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