Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Entertainer

A London day to see The Entertainer - 
the last play in the Kenneth Brannagh season at The Garrick.
 (way back in April 2016) we had no idea where she would be at Uni -
so I'd only booked for two, with the idea that I could add an extra ticket later if need be.

As it turned out it was the start of Sheffield reading week -
 but Megs chose to spend the weekend with her best friend Jamie, before heading home.

The other issue for the day - 
when I'd booked I'd not thought about the Anonymous protests 
that have happened in London every 5th November for the last few years.
I was really concerned that trouble makers would spoil things
(the Garrick is right next to Trafalgar Square)
and I had no desire to be kettled!
But in the end all we saw was a protest march of Librarians -
and we all love Librarians!

So Al and I had a date day -
a lovely walk though Bloomsbury,
a morning at the British Museum
the play in the afternoon
and a walk up the Tottenham Court Road, 
hopping from bookshop to bookshop to coffee shop!

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