Friday, 8 November 2013

Meeting David Tennant (Again)

If you want to meet David Tennant - you need to get there early!
We had tickets for the Saturday Matinee of Richard II,
but travelled down to Stratford on the Friday evening so we could get to the front at the stage door after the Friday night performance.

Getting there half an hour before curtain down - programme in hand -
we waited patiently as a the crowd grew behind us.

Of course - Megs had managed to meet David when we saw Much Ado
 a couple of years ago {thanks to her sprint from the stalls during the curtain calls} 
{looking back at that blog entry I realise that I used to write a LOT more}
 but this time we hoped for photographs too. 

Well - we weren't disapppointed. David was in a great mood - 
signed Megs playscript and my programme -
leant over us to sign for people behind us - 
and I managed to grab a picture!

Happy Megan - Happy me!

{and yes - I do like the hair!}


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