Saturday, 9 November 2013

Richard II

 We stayed in the rather lovely Waterside Premier Inn, just outside the centre of town,
had a lovely mornings shopping in Stratford
{Megan got some "kick ass" boots for half price}
had a "cake and coffee" lunch at the RSC cafe 

And then watched the absolutely mesmerizing performance of David Tennant as Richard II.

The whole production was brilliant -
Oliver Ford Davies, Michael Pennington and Jane Lapotaire 
astonishingly good in the older roles.

The music and set were stunning;
but best of all was the clarity of the production.
Frequently the history plays can be a bit confusing
{all those people with "places for names"}
but in this production, all was laid plain.

Meg's of course fell for all the young men 
especially Oliver Rix as Aumerle -
I'm so happy that she is loving Shakespeare this much!

All in all - so good that we are seeing it again on Wednesday 
in the first live cinema broadcast from the RSC!

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