Sunday, 24 November 2013

So..... was it good?

So good.

A bit of a hassle with the tickets - 
{foolishly I'd assumed that if you book 8 tickets together they may be seated together - apparently not
Odeon = Flying with Easyjet! }

But - we laughed - we cried - we screamed -
we shared the fez.

Afterwards we ate chips and ice cream in the reseraunt and tried to discuss the episode -
but our minds were too blown.

So instead we laughed some more.

And then we hugged and went home -
 and the kids went to to bed -
and just after midnight Al and I watched the Five(ish) doctors
and we laughed so much I thought one of us would have a heart attack.

Such a day comes once in 50 years!

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